The Child As a Spiritual Being

…children must be thoroughly strong beings and must possess spiritual equilibrium.”  

Maria Montessori, The Child in the Family, p. 65.

“…the CHILD as a spiritual embryo developing according to a definite plan…”

The Authentic American Montessori School, p. 37

Spiritual Development has been an integral part of the curriculum at Carmel Montessori Academy since its beginnings over thirty-one years ago.  On all levels of the School  (Toddler/Preprimary – sensorial and modeling; Primary/Elementary -  sensorial and modeling plus instruction and initial self application; Lower and Upper Erdkinder – sensorial and modeling, instruction, and application to self and life) the following curriculum outline is tendered:  Neo-Thomistic Philosophy, Pragmatic Psychology, Moral Development (Kohlberg), Ecumenical Activity, Age-Group Discussions, and Scripture.  

The plan for the development of the spiritual embryo which Montessori envisioned has a definite curricular component.  But spirituality is more than classes, prescriptions, guidelines.  Spirituality is the raw material of that “golden cosmic thread” so often referred to in the curricular area; it is that which gives meaning to all other disciplines, activities, experiences.  Spirituality cannot be “prescribed;” it can only be lived.  The children, parents and faculty of Carmel Montessori Academy continue to strive toward living individual and communal spiritual excellence.